Integers In storage aren't growing

Discussion in 'Programming' started by EmeraldExplorer, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. On line 112, you are creating a new instance of Cubic which is passed into the method #getMultiplicity. The #getMultiplicity Method uses the instance as an argument in ArrayList#indexOf. The Cubic class does not implement the #equals method so the result of #indexOf is always -1.
  2. Thanks... but now each redstone event the multiplicity goes up by 15 numbers at once :eek:
  3. I took another quick glance at your code but I don't see anything obvious to cause that. I suggest debugging it and using break points to watch it increment.

    Also you're posting the result directly to your chat so I assume that's how you know it's incrementing 15 at a time. I'd imagine that the redstone block event gets called a lot and there might be some kind of message limiting. You could try printing the result to the console instead to be sure.