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  1. Hi Spigot,

    Reaching out for some assistance here. I'm currently using RandomHashTags RandomPackage ( on my upcoming project.

    This resources adds dozens of custom enchantments, a few GUI's and a number of custom items. What I am trying to accomplish here, and what I need some help solving is how can I integrate some of these custom items into other plugins?

    To give you a better idea, one of the items contained in RandomHashTags resource is called a "Transmog Scroll" this item when applied (drag-and-drop) to an enchanted item reorganizes the enchants by rarity of each enchantment and adds a nifty numerical enchantment counter bracketed at the end of your items name. This is one example of many custom items included in the resource.

    On my project I want to include a few other plugins such as King of the Hill, Envoys, and boss mobs. I'm hoping it can somehow be possible to add these custom items to the loot tables of the King of the Hill reward crate, envoys, and boss drops.

    Currently the only way to achieve the custom items or enchantments are via a command, or one of the GUIs included in the resource. How can I apply them to other plugins created by different developers?

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  2. Did you get the items in other plugins yet? Bump please I also need to know this plz sorry if I bump old thread but I need to know