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Feature Integrated Proximity hider to complement anti-x-ray

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by ttk2, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. The most important feature in Oreofuscator for my server (as well as many others) is the 'proximity hider' feature that hides given blocks until you are within a certain range.

    While general ore hiding is useful the most devastating use of x-ray is to find hidden chests and bases, by setting blocks to be hidden as stone until you are within range proximity hider is the only really effective counter measure I have seen so far against x-ray when used against players, while the algorithm to hide ore is incredibly effective and accurate in general it starts to fail when the items in question are exposed be that in caves, on the surface, or just not totally covered with dirt or stone.

    Since things like chests, players bases, and general valuables almost always fall into the category of being exposed and not properly hidden like Ore would be even if they where on the Obfuscate list along with the various types of natural resources Proximity hider is a key feature that we are unable to live without on any sort of server that has a focus on PVP.
  2. andrewkm

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    Proximity Hider will not be integrated into spigot. Use the actual plugin for that.
  3. oh well, an admin can dream I guess.