Integrated Spigot Antixray gone.

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  1. The built in AntiXray feature for spigot is no longer existent.

    If I'm not mistaken, I remember reading that the issue with this feature was the latest 1.9 release, causing it not to be so efficient anymore (Bad performance?).

    In any case, this feature is crucial for many servers, so I'm wondering if it's coming back any day.

    Username stonar96 told me he was attempting to make a pull request with his own antixray method merged with Spigot, he also handed me over his custom build. However, I cannot (Or at least I don't wish to bother him with it) depend on his builds indefinetly.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the plans on the AntiXray feature's future are.
  2. Orebfuscator has been updated for the latest versions of spigot. As far as I remember, the built-in anti-xray in spigot was simply a stripped down version of orebfuscator in the first place.
    Or you try out one of the other available alternatives, which try to combat anti-xray in other (less performance intensive) ways, like AntiXRay.
  3. So it is just Oreobfuscator merged with Spigot?

    However, using Oreobfuscator doesn't seem to be an appropiate solution. It's lagging the server to a hardcore level, and I also get many visual glitches. This was never an issue with Spigot's antixray.
  4. Look at paperspigot
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