Intel Core i5 3570S Player Cap?

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  1. I currently own a KS-4 from Kimsufi and it has a 3570S. I know the single threaded performance is pretty good but I would like to know the numbers I could achieve with this machine. I have just got in contact with some smaller youtubers which I hope brings me at least 50 players on at a time. The machine could handle this but at how many players would I need to start deciding on an E3 machine from SoYouStart to replace the KS-4? I had read in another thread it could top around 150 players on 1 core but I would just like someone to confirm that.

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    That's a fairly weak CPU there, but considering the cores (you get 4 cores, right?) and the price, then I think it's pretty good.

    I think I'd go for a estimate of about 150, presuming you run a Factions server with a lot of chunks loaded.
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  3. Thanks for confirming that :)