Intel Core i7-6700K vs Intel Core i7-6700

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  1. Hello! You might have seen my old account @JacobRocks12 . I've decided to create an account under my new email. I am getting more into computers and technology and I'm going to build a computer. I am trying to pick a good CPU, Intel Core i7-6700K or the Intel Core i7-6700. I want to keep it cheap because I only have $1650 to spend. Here's my build right now. If I went with the 6700K, I would have to have a CPU cooler, but does it make a difference in computer speed and how much of a difference? Thanks, Jacob.

    EDIT: Also, I want to keep money over so I can send my computer somewhere so I don't break anything and have to buy it again, probably send it to a relative so it's 2x as cheap.
  2. You do know creating an alt is not allowed without permission?
  3. Oh, I didn't really know it was an alt, I just made a new account. Ill try to go back and delete my old account.
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  4. I doubt you will really need to overclock it, that CPU is high end anyway.
  5. Well if you are fammiliar with overclocking you will know that the Box-Coller is not so well in terms of Overclocking. But for the average use its "Ok" but if you have some money left over i would by an better CPU Cooler!
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    Can confirm that the 6700k doesn't come with one.
  7. Just removed that cause it turns out the 6700 does come with a cooler. The K's don't just because they was sick of people using them and over clocking with them xD
  8. > I didn't know this was an alt
    > I just created a new alternative account I can use

  9. Well the best choice is a i7 6700k with a decent cooler (like a Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 or a TX3 Evo from Cooler Master).
    Overclocking is not needed for now, but in the future that could be helpful. Like the i7 2700k from 2011, can keep up with a good overclock in 2016, unlike the i7 2700 wich begin to be not as powerful as we tought some years ago.
  10. Instead of the i7 6700k and 6700, I'd rather get the I7 5690X
    Bit expensive, but worth it

    Yeah, 6700k is better than the 6700
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  11. What kind of shenanigans are you doing that would need that crazy horsepower?
  12. Heres something that will help you understand intel cpus. The letters on the end and what they mean:
    X: Extreme edition (Usally has more memory chache only really good for gaming tasks)
    Q: Quad Core
    H: Hyperthreading (Makes certain tasks faster
    K: Unlocked (Overclockerble)
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  13. I would go for the 6700
  14. Fabulous necros, my friends.
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  15. Last post[​IMG]

    Then its not a necro because the real neco is if its like a month old and not replied....
  16. The thread's topic is pretty old anyway, and the OP of the thread hasn't been seen for a while.
  17. I am getting a 6700k for $170 dollars on Tuesday. I will tell if it is good :D
  18. $170? Is it second hand?
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