Intel i3 6100 to host a server?

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  1. I’m thinking about buying a server to host my mc server. Im going to host it at a local data center.

    Specs are
    Intel i3 6100 3.7Ghz
    2 cores, 4 threads
    32GB Ram
    480GB SSD
    1 Gbps upload

    Since Minecraft only uses 1-2 cores I thought this would be just right.
    Looking to host 50-200 players. What do you think about the specs? Will I be able to run a good fast server with this?
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    If you do it right you can easily host 50-200 players on that. “Doing it right” however takes quite a bit of customization and experience. You can have the best specs in the world and still lag with a terrible setup, oh the beauty of Minecraft lol.
  3. Spigot utilizes mostly one core at the moment so with a 3.7Ghz Skylake you should be absolutely fine. However
    it is highly dependent on your type of server. If you just want a simple citybuild then this setup is fine. Something like an RPG with a lot of NPCs, Monsters and damage/drop chance calculations on the other hand would need a LOT of work to get it going for even 40 ppl.

    What are your plans?
  4. It can use more, depending on the type of server, it should still do the job but the risk you will have CPU issues is high, especially if you want to run other stuff like MySQL, Webserver, TeamSpeak and so on. I'm not very familiar with the prices, but probably you are better with a Xeon which can also be found in that price range.

    You will probably have a better experience with a 6700K dedicated from SoYouStart.
  5. A 6700K does cost on average around twice as much per month.
    Also you cant just throw in "xeon" and claim he would get a better performance.
    For example a similarly priced Xeon E5 2603v3 (clocked at 1.6ghz, Hexacore) would, without any regards to what his type of server is going to be, contribute significantly less performance.

    The part that he is going to have trouble with additional threads like a webserver is true tho.
  6. Well, nobody is talking about that Xeon, but I think the i3 is not a good choice at all. Not in the long term. There are 4c/8t Xeons, also it does not matter if the have 500MHz less as they perform better in general processing which makes the 500MHz completely unnoticeable.

    SYS sometimes has pretty good sales and you can get machines very cheap, even the 4790K would fit better with this setup.
  7. And here again. If he is willing to pay ~75% more per month then any of your quoted i7s would be more viable.
    But every Xeon in the price range of the i3 6100 does have significantly less single core performance.

    Also im wondering what you mean by "they perform better in general processing". As this is false.
    Every i7, i5 or i3 completely stomps every xeon at performance per dollar. Its not even close.

    Xeons have some features that are very usefull for server structures but there is absolutely no data that could back your claim
    that any xeon would perform better at any single thread heavy java application than any i7 (given similar prices)

    So im wondering what feature exactly do you think is so viable for him that he can give up half his performance?
  8. It's not only a high GHz count and good single threaded performance from a site orienting gamers what matters.

    A Threadripper 1900X @ 3.8GHz outperforms a 7700K @ 5.2GHz in double precision math and perlin noise handling (That's necessary to perform good for Minecraft). It's the same with Xeon, cache and architecture plays a big role. A Xeon with 3.4GHz can outperform a 6700K.
  9. I think the i3 would be great, but for now I decided to order from SYS because of the prices. I still would have to build my own server and give to datacenter, so I'll wait on that.
  10. It's nice for sure, I was also very excited, but sometimes it's not worth it. Especially you won't have hardware support, any customer support or good control panel. It's very limited.
  11. The only time a Threadripper outperforms an 7700K is at world generation. Other than than the i7 is FAR ahead regarding Minecraft Servers.
    And yes a Xeon with 3.4GHz can outperform a 6700K in some tasks but does also cost up to triple the price.
    I am always talking about performance per price.
  12. Im working a lot with CPUs, and the Threadripper is faster in many many many more things, I've tested a lot. Also the 2700X can outperform the 8700K in everything I tested. It's a lot more what matters.

    Should be enough for his needs.
  13. Put 500 faction plugins on there, it will have a tps of 5

    If you have a load of concurrent users but a smart setup of normal and properly configured plugins, you will do fine.