Intel Xeon E-2246G @ 3.60GHz Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by BackisJR, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Hellu folks its ya boi back agian.

    What do yall think about the Intel Xeon E-2246G @ 3.60GHz?

    would it work for a stable server?
  2. Any cpu should theoretically be able to run minecraft. What I've noticed and is common knowledge, is that high single core performance is primarily what you're looking for as minecraft only takes advantage of a Single core. Personally, that's a ney cpu for me but I also have high standards.
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    "Stable server" depends on your individual Minecraft server. CPU is rarely a bottleneck for performance unless you have like 100 players online. Nobody can answer that.

    I use many of the new E-2100/2200 series CPUs, they are very good.
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  4. @MarkElf You may want to check the model name again because that's a very recent model with a great single core performance.

    That's a very nice cpu and would definitely work fine for hosting some minecraft servers.
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  5. My server is built upon a Intel I7 and 24Gb ram. with 10TB storage.. xD i guess it would be a downgrade?
  6. Which i7?
    The Xeon E-2246G is most likely better.
  7. Your tag didn't work but yes, you're absolutely right. It's a decent cpu for hosting after looking into it a bit. 4.8 turbo is solid.
  8. It is the I7-3770. @ 3.40GHz. guess you could probably overclock it since it has a great cooler

    * Now when i actually look at it, its a pretty old one.. xD
  9. A Xeon E-2246G is way stronger than a i7 3770.
  10. Does this only have to do with the clockspeed?
  11. MiniDigger


    no. it also depends on instructions per cycle and stuff.
    just look at benchmarks if you don't know (or don't want to know) the technical details.
    but generally, a 7 year old cpu is almost always worse than a current gen cpu.
    for example, a 9th gen i5 is better than a 7th gen i7.
  12. It's a very powerful budget chip. If you're planning on hosting a massive server however, I'd recommend using the E-2288G which is on OVH atm.