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Smarter doors for your Minecraft world!

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    IntelliDoors - Smarter doors for your Minecraft world!

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    Excellent. Dreaming of 1.11 support...
  3. 1.11 Pls
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    Looks to be abandoned. 23 weeks offline.
  5. Please note this plugin is still working just fine on my Spigot 1.11.2 servers. There's no need to update a plugin to a new API version/recompile it when there's no new features I need to use or breaking changes from one version to the next. When a new major Minecraft version is supported by Spigot your first course of action if you wish to upgrade a server is to backup, then test with all your existing (or updated) plugins to see if they throw errors.

    If everything seems good, then you have no reason to remove those plugins as they're not actually out of date. Some developers do recompile on purpose each release just to prevent this confusion, but in reality it's a giant chore and serves no purpose other than to misinform people that they always need a new version of a plugin to work with a new version of Spigot.

    This doesn't just apply to updates, but new servers as well. You can fire up a brand new Spigot 1.11.2 server with an older plugin no problem either.

    My plugin deals with doors, if you don't see anything door-related in a Minecraft update then nothing will probably break. :)
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    This is true for some plugins, but not for most.

    I agree that, as a server operator, it is my responsibility to ensure that my constellation of plugins is compatible with new versions of Spigot before I deploy them into production.

    On the other hand, as a plugin developer... When a new major Minecraft version is supported by Spigot, a developer's first course of action should be to test their plugin to ensure that it works correctly, then either update it or note in the description that the new version is supported without update. Recompiling to the new APIs ensures that your plugin works correctly. Just assuming that it does is unwarranted.

    According to other iron door/trapdoor developers, iron door interactions required updates in 1.11, due to offhand issues and changes in item names. But if IntelliDoors is not affected, great!
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    So, just for fun, here are the results from my test server with IntelliDoors 1.9r5 on Spigot 1.11.2 latest. Despite
    Code (Text):
    # Config version. Do not change: used for automatic upgrades of config.
    version: 5
    start-up yields
    Code (Text):
    [22:35:07] [Server thread/WARN]: [IntelliDoors] Your config is 1 version out of date. New values have been inferred.
    [22:35:07] [Server thread/WARN]: [IntelliDoors] It is recommended to back up your config and delete it so the latest can be generated.
    Following those instructions and restarting yields the same warning.

    Changing iron door configuration to
    Code (Text):
            enabled: true
    (no other config.yml changes) and restarting the server (since IntelliDoors does not seem to support reload),
    iron doors do not open on right-click.

    1. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
    2. Perhaps IntelliDoors is not as bulletproof as it could be.
    Needless to say, I have not deployed IntelliDoors to production.
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  8. My resource is available in multiple locations; so I tend to only check GitHub. I'm sorry I wasn't clear on that before. So, when I'm browsing oft-ignored locations like Spigot, when I find "1.11 pls" I don't know what's wrong especially when I just look at my server ticking along with no exceptions or noted problems by my players. Let alone I don't feel motivated to respond.

    I don't personally use my own plugin with IronDoors set to be enabled by right click yet. So, now that there's finally an issue I'm aware of, there will be an update soon.

    As someone who has been writing software for maybe 18 years now... I disagree, It's just impossible to achieve this with the number of projects I contribute to as an individual. I don't expect most software I come across to be up to date or in the best working form unless it's from a large community or group of developers. If someone hasn't updated a project in a while I just assume it's now my responsibility to get it to work: that's the price of open source.
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  9. Hello! Can you add a feature so that this mechanics wouldn't work if the door/trapdoor/gate was opened with Shift? Sometimes it is very needed.
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  10. hello how can i turn it off so that it does not work on IRON_TRAPDOOR

    and TRAP_DOOR