Solved IntelliJ IDEA| Add a jar to your project

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  1. Hello, I was trying to add a .jar to my project, without needing to add a repository in the Pom, since the Plugin has no online repository for being private, and I have no idea how to do it, I was watching some tutorials, but not I did not run or run them wrong, I do not know if someone from the spigot community could help me a little bit more ??

    An example of what this is trying to do:


    That tutorial I tried, but I do not copying well the Plugin
  2. Project structure -> Artifact -> Empty with dependency
  3. This tutorial is on hebrew, but should do the trick, just go to the project structure section
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  4. Mas


  5. You can add it like this. You don't need to add a repo to the pom file just add this to your dependencies.
    Code (Text):
  6. Thank you all for your answers, thanks to them manage to add the jar :D
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