1.16.5 IntelliJ Material Enum

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  1. Hey,

    because the material enum is extremely huge because of Legacy, IntelliJ always has a short freeze when you try to list and write a material or when you are done writing.

    I know this is the problem of the bytecode decompiler. What bothers me is that you have to disable it, even though I use it very actively.

    Is there already a fix for this or something similar?
  2. Faster pc maybe
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  3. I've genuinely never had this problem, so perhaps the problem is your hardware.
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  4. Its just one of these mild inconveniences that we have to deal with so nothing really rendering plugin development impossible. You could also have the list of enums on chrome or something open and just use the find function.
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  5. I would like to upgrade my grafics card but yea
    No it's not because of my hardware xD

    But okay my specs are

    And my RX 590. I already tried many things like increasing memory or heap but nada.
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  6. I doubt this is hardware related, I have never had this issue and I have an i5-4570 and 8 GB of wam.
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  7. I can say I don't have an issue with it either. How long is this pause? Do you use maven/gradle? Is your storage fast?
  8. yeah sometimes it happen.
  9. Does this occurr if you create a basic plugin?
    (accessing Spigot server from the local machine)
    Without Maven, etc?
    You could be having library access problems.
  10. My PC is years old and doesn't have a problem with this. That being said I have an SSD though, maybe that's your issue? Slow storage?
  11. Yea using a nvme and I have it in both gradle and maven. The pause can be from like 5 seconds or 1 minute xD
  12. Maybe it's just a problem with your computer. Idk, some computers have weird and specific issues. I had a computer which couldn't run mc on fullscreen or mc would crash. Other games and mc clients worked fine.
  13. You can attach sources so that the decompiler is not used - because it is a backup strategy.
  14. I think that can help you