Intellij or Eclipse?

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  1. I have recently found out about a Java IDE called intellij and I wanted to know if it was worth switching over to. From what I have seen, it seems like a very useful developer environment if you know and are use to all the shortcuts to doing things. I really am interested in switching over but I currently use Eclipse and that would mean I would totally need to learn a new system and how to work it. Right now, the negatives seem to be what is holding me back from the switch. Another thing is, someone told me you have to make a script or some way of compiling or exporting your code, this seemed very intimidating and once again, something new I would need to learn. Of course, the coding language Java doesn't change but just configuring it on setup appears to be a little bit confusing. Most tutorials I watch make it look easy but it is very difficult for me (then again, Eclipse was the same way when I first started using it). So I wanted to know, is it work my time and "sacrifice" to switch to IntelliJ? Another thing I must keep in mind when deciding is which on is going to be more recourse consuming. I currently do not have the best computer setup and after a long time of working in Eclipse things start to get a little "draggy" which is why I was hoping Intellij might solve this. Either way, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!
  2. pls learn 2 paragraph

    also what are the "negatives" that you see with intellij?

    in honesty, you need to give it a thorough run through in order to decide for yourself which one you prefer. There's no other way.
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  3. The negatives would be taking the time to understand and use Intellij, I don't have much free time right now, although switching to Intellij and learning how to use it wont be that difficult, it will take some time to get use to it and I don't know if giving up this time is worth it.

    With Eclipse I know exactly how to use it and how to manage and work everything, it is not a difficult thing to use for me right now and I am comfortable with it. This is the main thing that is holding me back from even attempting to try Intellij.
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  4. I prefer IntelliJ, Although I've used Eclipse in the past.
  5. I'm part of that small percentage that uses both. Why pick and choose when you can have the best of both worlds? ;)
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  6. Good point,

    I think I will go with @not2excel 's advice and try them at the same time to find out which one I like best.
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  7. It all depends on personal preference, just switch between them and see which one suits you, that's what i did.
  8. Learning Intellij is probably better in the long run. Intellij has more features, better UI, and better plugins. Of course both are programmable in, but I'd rather save a few extra minutes each day while programming because I can do something faster in Intellij. Anyway, the choice is yours.
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  9. I agreee
  10. Preferably IntelliJ, But I suggest using both IDEs to see which one you like better.
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  11. I can agree with you, but I prefer Eclipse. This is my choice. Choose the one that 'works for you better'.
  12. Personally, eclipse, but I know lots of people like intelliJ
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  13. I say neither - I prefer NetBeans IDE - to me intellij feels too 'techy' ...not saying this sarcastically - but they seem to focus more on features instead of function - and I just feel their interface is cluttered.... so I don't like using it...

    I've never used eclipse - but almost everyone I know that uses intelliJ (not everyone, though) puts down eclipse - but I know plenty of individuals that use eclipse ... and the way I see it - at the end of the day - they're all ide's


    But I prefer NetBeans, as the projects are in a hierarchical system instead of just a straight up and down system... Maybe give it a shot?

    Edit: when I meant straight up and down - my theme for intelliJ must have been off ... the naming process just seems weird to me, maybe you have it differently in your theme than me - but I just feel a bit off trying to get use to it.
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  14. Mfw intellij and eclipse show projects in a hierarchal fashion as well
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  15. My fav. is the eclipse. But a lot of people use Intellij too.
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  16. IntelliJ looks much nicer and is generally more polished than Eclipse, but Eclipse is a bit easier to learn.
  17. I have used both overall I would recommend Eclipse as it has Saros and I don't think that IntelliJ has that feature.
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  18. OFF:
    I have been looking for this plugin for years. Thank you my friend. :)
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  19. I use both. They both have their advantages. IMO the two need to be merged to create a super-ide.
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