Intended position of braces in Java?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TurtlesBeast23, Nov 24, 2018.

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    I know for a fact that @RubbaBoy has not made a half decent IDE. The perfect IDE doesn't exi-


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  2. I think its also done to reduce file size.
    And I don't think it annoys modders *that much*.

    People using nms on 1.13 should instead pr a new api for what they do now with nms.

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    In all seriousness, in general I use K&R 1TBS for Java - I like seeing the braces, and dislike when they are optionally omitted (short conditionals/loops etc.), and Allman adds too much vertical whitespace.
  4. As long as you consistent, it really doesn't matter. I'll include a quote from Linus Torvalds, that perfectly summarizes my thoughts on this:

    "I've said this before, and I'll say it again: a standards paper is
    just so much toilet paper when it conflicts with reality. It has
    absolutely _zero_ relevance. In fact, I'll take real toilet paper over
    standards any day, because at least that way I won't have splinters
    and ink up my arse."
  5. But this one doesn't seem like such a hot topic, is it? It's just a question, and there's a weird but clear answer; yes, you should, because the POSIX definition of a text file says every line ends with a newline character.
  6. It doesn't matter unless you want other people to read your code.
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    You want to read your code, so it should matter. Future you will thank you.
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  8. That is when you say fuck it and rewrite it.
  9. I think placing your braces correctly saves time over rewriting it every time.
  10. I hope you don't plan on getting a job in software engineering.
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  11. Yeah

    Code (Java):
    public class MyClass{
        public void hi() {

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