Interactive chat /w DeluxeChat & ChatControl Pro

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  1. Hey,
    I have ChatControl Pro and Deluxe Chat Pro too and I'm looking for doing a good thing:
    A player send a message in the chat, when a player is moderator he can click on this message and it automaticaly type /mute [player] , and when a regular player click on this message, it just type /reply [player].
    So I'm trying to use hovering/click event depending on your rank, it's a conditional command.
    Can someone help me? :)
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  2. Are you doing this through both of those plugins at the same time?
  3. You may be able to do this with javascript placeholders... Not sure, might aswell try though. Also, you won't need chatcontrol.
  4. Looks like a cool idea...
  5. This seems really cool. as said above ^^^ you can do this with placeholders