Spigot InteractiveBooks 1.5.6

Easily create interactive books with placeholders!

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  2. Suggestion, do something like CrackShot. First loading on the plugin, generate a premade example book.
  3. There is already an example book
  4. For some reason it didnt generate for me, guess ill try again
  5. Please give me more informations (server version, errors if present, command behaviour)
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  6. Hey, it would be really cool if a player would be able to open a book as someone else.

    Right now you can open a book for someone else:
    But in addition it would be really cool if you could something like:
    This could add the ability to check books with player data from other players. I think you would just need to change from which person PAPI will get it's data.

    Would really appreciate something like this c:
  7. Yes, I can do it, but if the player has never joined the server, player-specific placeholders can't be set
  8. You could add an error for that. So it does tell the player that the entered player never joined on this server.
  9. Hi there. I just have a question regarding the new API.

    Is there a function that allows you to get a book by id for the specified player? In the old API, it was obtained using:
    Code (Text):
    InteractiveBooks.getBookById(String id, Player player)
    Now it looks like you can't specify player in any of the functions, only the id. Thanks for any help.
  10. The new API uses the object "IBook", so with the function InteractiveBooks.getBook(id) you can get the IBook object. Assuming that you save it in the variable "ibook", you can get the ItemStack by calling ibook.getItem(player), or open it to a specified player with ibook.open(player)
  11. Great. Thanks for the help!

    I also noticed that colour codes and placeholders no longer parse in tooltips. Is this intended? I can't remember if this worked previously.
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  12. Is it only possible to edit the books through the yml file? Can't I just like write one in-game and then save it?
  13. @Leomixer17

    Hi! Is it possible to setup books players will receive upon join?
  14. I am rather new to using plugins, but is there a way to allow a player who isn't allowed to use a certain command, to use that command when using the book?

    For example, if I have a player who doesn't have permission to use /gamemode creative, is there a way to let them use it when clicking on said command in a book?
  15. No, it would have been possible if a Bukkit event had been executed by clicking on the text in the book, but it's only a JSON data that is set when the plugin creates the book.
  16. Yes, in the config.yml file.
  17. It seems that no matter what generation I set the book to when I get a copy with /books get <bookID> it always comes up as an ORIGINAL generation. I've tried COPY_OF_ORIGINAL , COPY_OF_COPY , and TATTERED in the book's yml file and did /ibooks reload each time but the generation never changes. Am I missing something? Also I do have the PlaceHolderAPI plugin installed but the %player%, etc. don't seem to do anything for me.
  18. Hi, just a question is it possible to set a book to give new players on join? Maybe even using essentials kits? I dont know how to go about it, just thought i'd ask :)