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A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

  1. Hello, I have a big problem on my server that causes the server to lag and then I am forced to restart it. I can't give you the error in detail because I can't figure out why this is happening, and I don't know the programming, but in the console it says something about the InteractiveChat plugin. I leave you the pastebin of the error.
    And I hope you can solve it, right now I had to remove the plugin, but I would love that if I could fix it, I will implement it again as I love this plugin. From already thank you very much!

    PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.com/c7X2hjCu
  2. Do you know what is the last message a player had sent this would happen? Do you notice if there is any chat message that would cause this to always happen?
  3. Hey, I am receiving this message, one for each player online. Happens regularly. Got told it was InteractiveChat doing something stupid. Running Paper-74 (1.16.1) - apparently, it happens every time a player receives an advancement (achievement) https://hasteb.in/gukujewe.log
  4. This is not InteractiveChat doing anything stupid, this is a spigot bug. The Bungeecord Chat API build in spigot isn't updated to 1.16 yet.
    The problem will be fixed when buildtools start using the new chat API when building spigot

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  5. Is it the Chat API error that's causing chat placeholders not to be parsed?

    Any placeholder just shows the placeholder text in chat, for example I type "", "[item]" is just displayed in chat. Player mentioning also doesn't seem to work.

    Using latest ProcotolLib dev build, latest PlaceholderAPI and InteractiveChat 2.6.2.
  6. Do you get the error at something like ComponentSerieralizer.toString ?
  7. These are not debug messages, these is the same issue mentioned in the few posts above.
  8. Do you know which customplaceholder is causing this?
  9. I have no idea
  10. Try running all the custom placeholders and see if a particular one causes the error
  11. So, I have a big json MOTD and when I try to send it to the player, IC blocks it:
    Code (Text):
    [InteractiveChat] Cancelled a chat packet bounded to Soyer that is 44793 characters long (Longer than maximum allowed in a chat packet) [THIS IS NOT A BUG]
    Can I somehow turn off this feature?
    Or maybe add a switch?
  12. This is not a feature, when a chat string is longer than 32767 the client will disconnect from the server. (1.12.2 or below)
  13. I cant get the mentions to work? Also, when i do an alias such as [smith] it doesnt work? do i need to add /] or something?
  14. Can you show me your config?
  15. These errors crashed the server and kicked everyone out
    Maybe use jenkins for dev builds and only upload stable builds here because shit man.