Spigot InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support 4.0.2

A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

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  1. The plugin doesn't work in this update, it can't show the message even my cursor is on the item/inv
    I can't click to see the inv or the enderchest
  2. Sorry about that :/ It should be fixed in the latest update (1.4.9)
  3. @LOOHP I have an issue when using InteractiveChat and the AMP server management panel.

    Every time a user posts a chat message, a question mark is appended in the console.

    Removing IC fixed it.
  4. That's is the current limitations of the system IC uses, however it should affect the functionality or bother players in-game. I'll work on a better method in the future.
  5. LOOHP updated InteractiveChat - Custom Keywords! Display Items and Inventories in Chat! Supports Custom Languages! with a new update entry:

    Minor Update (1.4.11)

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  6. If you have time, could you add a settings GUI (or command) for players to turn off being notified after being mentioned in chat. In PvP, players might not like it if a title pops up in front of their view.
  7. That's a good idea, I'll keep that in mind!
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  8. Perhaps you could add this to the install guide on the main page? I had this issue as well, and so did one of my friends. Just thought that it would be a good idea and nothing bad would come out of it.

    Otherwise, the plugin is great and wanted to tell you that you did a really good job :D
  9. Alright, I'll include that. Tho the reason I didn't from the start is that I think it is a placeholderAPI thing and not an InteractiveChat thing, but I guess more help couldn't hurt.
  10. Hello! I just want to let you know that is really not allowed to put resources to ad links. I don't really know why either.
  11. Oh right, I didn't know that, well then... Thanks for informing me, I guess it's either premium or free without anything else. Better remove that
  12. could you add support for mmocore? her party, guild and friend function show any player as offline whenever you want to to send a request, so you can't invite anybody to your party, guild or friend list, until you disable interactivechat from your server.
  13. That's weird, perhaps you can try disabling the player name hover message feature in the config and see if that works

    As I do not own mmocore, it would be quite difficult for me to try to find out the issue, perhaps you can provide some clips or screenshots of how mmocore should work and how it doesn't have interactivechat is installed