Spigot InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support 4.0.2

A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

  1. You need to use the latest protocollib dev build 4.6.1-SNAPSHOT
  2. Request to add settings in InteractiveChatBungee
    - server1
    - server2
  3. Is there an ETA on a 1.17 release?
  4. Like to ask how i can fix this error, for my side i override the chat message so cause this issues

    Error: https://pastebin.com/sD1Xa023
    My Code: https://pastebin.com/1bCSKyCC

    Discord Side is work fine, displaying well, even when discord send to minecraft also. Only when player receiving message is not working.
  5. What is the problem?
  6. LOOHP updated InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support with a new update entry:

    Mention Boss Bar & Toast (4.0.1)

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  7. There is strange bug that i found on paper and on spigot too. When plugin is enabled players have strange cooldown when they chat
  8. Can you elaborate on "cooldown"?
  9. Is there any api to send [item] from our plugins? like `sendMessage(player, message, item)` replace the [item] in message into itemstack to chat.
  10. On build #258 you can use InteractiveChatAPI.createItemDisplayComponent(Player, ItemStack) to put the itemstack into your chat Component.
  11. Ok got it, btw is this work discord message if i send manually?
  12. This just obtains the Component, you have to send it yourself.
  13. Hi.. can I ask you, to add support for Essx-Discord?

    - The addon from Essx its like SRV. So, when you use Essx with this plugin, you can see in discord this format: "[Curioso] testing » mine test 5 <chat=b0396957-3524-32bc-9363-7b145dc6d948>"
    the chat end at "5" the text next to it is something that your plugin generate. So, if you could add the support I would really appreciate it c:

    - I dont know if that extra text it is caused by InteractionVisualizer or InteractiveChat, so I put this here, couse is the main plugin
    #778 _Luu7, Jul 9, 2021
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2021
  14. It is generated by InteractiveChat. I'll see if I can support Essx-Discord in the near future :)
    Currently, there is only support for DiscordSRV.
  15. Can you give this dev build a try with EssentialsDiscord?