Spigot InteractiveChat | Show Items / Inventory in Chat | Custom Chat Keywords | Bungee & Velocity Support 4.0.2

A plugin to work on top of your chat formatting plugins through modifying packets!

  1. Unfortunately that would not be as straight forwards as you think, the click actions available in the plugin is all that the Minecraft client offers. However there should be a way you can achieve what you want, you can create a run as console command from plugins like MyCommand and put that command into InteractiveChat, that would be able to achieve what you want to do.
  2. add support advancedenchants?
  3. Can you elaborate what exactly is needed to be supported?
  4. lores show enchants since they do not appear but come out as normal lores the name of the color enchant does not come out.
  5. Version 1.7.7 continues to send a message to console and OP the message:

    Code (Text):

    [Fri, 10. Apr 2020 23:00:45 BST INFO] [InteractiveChat] A new version is available on SpigotMC: 1.7.6
    [Fri, 10. Apr 2020 23:00:45 BST INFO] Download: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/75870
    version InteractiveChat
    [Fri, 10. Apr 2020 23:03:00 BST INFO] InteractiveChat version 1.7.7
    [Fri, 10. Apr 2020 23:03:00 BST INFO] Make the chat interactive
    [Fri, 10. Apr 2020 23:03:00 BST INFO] Author: loohp
    Considering i'm running 1.7.7, this is a tad annoying xD
  6. Still seeing this on 1.7.7. I'd really like to not have every chat message include that.
  7. Sorry about that, as I am using the SpigotMC API to check updates, they sometimes seem to lag behind the actual version :/ The update messages should only sent during minute 0 and 30 tho.
  8. Still shows those boxes on console with 1.7.8 :(
  9. The update message appears after every chat message?
  10. Can you show me two screenshots? What it should look like and what is it now?
  11. I was genuinely right about to show you the bug about the whole issue with the end of sentences being spammed with characters, I've spent nearly 2 whole days testing every single thing and causes I could try and RIGHT WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO REPORT IT. YOU CAME OUT WITH AN UPDATE SOLVING IT. LOOHP, you're amazing. Just really impressive speed on fixing problems.
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  12. That's quite a critical big, gotta fix that quicky :p
  13. It isnt the update part... see at the end of the chat message there are all those boxes?


    When I unload the plugin then I don't see them any longer so I know its InteractiveChat in combination with Venturechat