Spigot InterCity Transport System 1.2-TC

A plugin that allow minecart to travel between bungee-cord servers

  1. Can you please update this plugin to 1.16.2? And please give me a donation link if you do :D

    # Edit:
    I looked at the code and found that it looked for the wrong world name on the receive sign.
    I think we should be able to provide the world-name (for the destination-world) on the Interlink-Sign too.

    # Edit2: Ok i found several bugs but i will try to fix them within the next days.
    Thank you very much for this project!
    #2 J0schlZ, Sep 4, 2020
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  2. #Reply :
    The plugin *should* work when 1.16.2 traincarts is out , theres no minecraft api changes during 1.15 -> 1.16 changes , and I used the traincarts api for the signs

    #Reply to Edit :
    Added Support for optional world-name, it will be in the next update

    #Reply to Edit2:
    Feel Free to fix them :), this is just a 3 days old project :)
  3. Got it worked to synchronize the entire train :) (with all properties and carts and items in chests)
  4. thanks!

    you edited on github?
  5. k me worked on the freezing player thing and allows whitelist of ips (so no need localhost)

    Also, planning to optimize the plugin when used with bungee link