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  1. Hello I have a question for some members of the community. I was making a plugin for a server owner who was very stubborn, I sent the jar to him so he could test the plugin and ended up being ip-banned from his server but he continued to use my plugin without payment and took the source code and modified it to remove my ownership. Is there anything I can do to have him remove the jar from his server? Or am I just screwed. Thanks
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  2. Just a tip: plugins should be tested on your server, buyers can bring their own plugins to check for compatibility, but the plugin you made will only be sent when you receive the money.

    Chances are you can't do anything.
  3. No there is not a way :/
  4. What @Trigary says is the way to do it. You show off what you did on your server, not his. You'll probably never see the money.
  5. Buyer wouldn't have it on my server, had to be his d: no way I can force him to remove my plugin?
  6. You can always "force" it. Either by hiring a lawyer and complain about it, or by doing lots of illegal things to "force" him. Seriously though, you made a dumb move. Always show it off somewhere where he cant access it.

    You could put it on Spigot. No you wont receive your money, but it won't be a custom plugin anymore so it loses its value :p
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  7. Thanks, will probably be posting to spigot soon
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  8. What's the plugin though?
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  9. What do you mean
  10. What's the plugin about? What does it do?
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  11. Misspelled it, what's the plugin about?
  12. Its not a hcf core, but it adds hcf features to the server so it has the aspect of hcfactions in a prison server very unique
  13. So you combined two overrated game modes? :D
  14. person wanted me to add hcfactions features, i thought it was weird too but it was a job
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  15. latiku


    Protip, have clients pay a beforehand. If they won't allow it, kindly tell them to fuck off.

    In this situation, I'd just make the source public for anyone to use and it'd be an additional contribution to my portfolio, so really won't matter to me.
  16. Yeah that ones on me, yeah am going to be doing that