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  1. Hey guys, our server has been getting an extreme amount of lag lately. Usually a server restart does the trick, but with 40-50 players on an all time, I don't think you would enjoy restarting every 3 hours either. I've tried updating most of our plugins, done bunch of timings reports, and can't seem to fix the issue.

    Here is my current timings report. This is 20 minutes after a server restart. Any help is much appreciate, please!
  2. Would be better if you do the timings when it starts to lag.
  3. Same as mine on the same host are you using shared DDos mitigation?
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  4. Entities. Use ClearLag and remove all entities on the server also i have heard of some problems with Intrepid atm.
  5. I'm using ClearLag and server ticks are fine i believe to is o do with Staminus
  6. Staminus I wouldnt be that sure but let's tag em.
  7. Send us an ticket if you haven't already and we can take a closer look. We aren't experiencing any issues with our network, but we can take a look at your server to see if there are any isolated problems.
  8. Been sending tickets backwards and forwards for days still not got the problem sorted -.-
    Starting to think about just moving to a new host
  9. joehot200


    You put plugins on your server that lag, that is the most likley reason.
    Staminus i presume you wont have this thread watched, so im going to tag you again.
  10. I don't have any plugins on my Bungee and i only have a few on each of the servers, It does not have anything to do with the server but something to do with the shared ddos
  11. Hi PatrickMayo

    I see where we are working with you on this issue. The shared protection shouldn't be effecting you since only the protection is shared, not the connection. It is strange that it is an isolated issue which makes it even harder to diagnose. That being said, I do see that you are experiencing issues so lets keep working in your ticket and I am sure we can find a solution. Once we find the issue and if it points to a network problem we can provide you with some credit to make up for the inconvenience.
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