Intreppid shared protection doesn't work

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Shicking, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. I recently turned on the advertised in this forums shared protection from Intreppid(Staminus). I have been running it for around 4 days now. I was constantly DDOSed before by attacks of a fairly small size, and I guess those are mitigated now.
    Unfortunately, as a side effect, I now have 2-3 instances of severe network slowdown per day and around half of my players get kicked. I was told by the support that the attacks are on the other servers in the shared network, and that theoretically, those attacks should not affect my server. They mentioned that they did some adjustments on the tunnel. However, so far, the problem hasn't subsided.
    Does anyone know about any alternative DDOS protection? Or maybe Intreppid or Staminus has a better protection plan?
    Thank you.
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    Earth calling Staminus. come in, Staminus!

    Are you sure you are using the DDoS protected IP they give you, and not your unprotected IP that they also give you?
  3. Yes, I am absolutely sure. All unprotected ips are closed and only the tunnel is working.
  4. A graph of the traffic hitting my server is here.
    As you can see, we just had a huge downfall of players.
  5. Was this for US or EU players? I know my EU players had too much latency for me to use Intreppid.
  6. joehot200 Thanks for the heads up.

    @ShickingI think the title of this thread is a little misleading as it has nothing to do with our protection. When your down time occur we are not seeing any DDoS attacks on your protected IP.

    The issue is either a problem with the GRE connection to Shicking's servers, which is hosted outside of our network, OR the problem is with his current host. We are currently working with Shicking to resolve this issue. Hopefully we find the exact cause of the problem soon.

    Also, in the off chance that your back end IP is getting attacked we suggest asking your host if they see any DDoS traffic on your back end IP.

    P.S. We updated your ticket and are awaiting your response. :D
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