Intreppid (Staminus) Deals for the Spigot Community!

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by md_5, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    NB: These deals will be branded / offered under Intreppid, the Minecraft branch of Staminus.
    You can view + purchase them here

    Leading on from our massive brainstorm about cheaper DDOS protection and hosting for everyone ( we have reached an awesome deal with Staminus Communications.
    Some people here might know Staminus, they host some of the largest servers on the planet, with individual server networks reaching 1000, 2000 or even 3000 players at a time. If you are not familiar with them you can check out their website here.

    As a result of these discussions we have secured 2/3 deals able to be taken up by the Spigot community. These are as follows:
    • 10gbps shared of their industry leading SecurePort DDOS protection. Servers will be connected directly to the Staminus network via their SecurePort appliances. Pricing of $200 a month includes a dedicated 1gbps uplink and 10TB of bandwidth.
    • Dedicated hosting packages, starting at $300 a month. These packages include the above DDOS protection, as well as the following specifications standard:
    • Intel E3-1230v2 CPU
    • 16GB RAM
    • 120GB Intel SSD
    • 1TB 7200RPM HDD
    • 1 Gbps Port
    • 10Gbps shared DDOS protection and 10TB bandwidth (as above)
    • 1 Protected IP address
    • 1 Non protected IP address
    • Any choice of Linux operating system
    Optional Upgrades:
    E3-1270v2 processor - $40 a month
    Extra 8gb of ram (24gb) - $25 a month

    Extra 16gb of ram (32gb) - $50 a month

    The above package is of course customizable with different CPUs (E3-1270v2 and possibly E3-1245v2), more RAM, and perhaps even different storage configurations. For now I will get quotes for these on a case by case basis and post the results to this thread.
    • Not confirmed yet, but we also intend to offer a smaller 5Gbps plan for ~$150 a month. This will likely be hosted as detailed in the original thread, as opposed to via dedicated SecurePort instances.
    This gives you three incredibly reduced plans to pick and choose (as a comparison Limestone Networks offers the above server rig for just over $300 a month with noprotection). In all honesty the combination package of dedicated server + protection is best value, especially if hosting BungeeCord as you get no latency overhead as at least some of your servers are in the same datacentre as the protection, reducing latency and overhead.

    I'm really looking forwards to moving forward with this; if you require more information or are interested in a custom dedicated rig, drop me a PM or reply to this thread.

    PS: By the time this deal goes live, Staminus will offer locations in California, New York and Amsterdam.

    Linkupdated, EatingEmoKids, andrewkm, Tobseb, joehot200, Phinary, Kainzo, jeff142, kookster, LiLChris, dreadiscool, Markus, waffletastic, jjkoletar, fuzzy_bot, Zeraceee, JoeGray100, Malice, Spxify, spawnstah, Suicidal_Tissue, iTristan, United Factions, VCServers, CraftThatBlock, aselox, BeastsMC

    Specifications and pricing subject to change - should be used as a guide only
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  2. I <3 Staminus.
    Sent you a PM already, this indeed sounds very, very interesting.
  3. Are there limited spots? I may be releasing a large server soon (depends on when I complete my other projects), and I would like to secure a spot if there are limited spots.
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  4. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    There are not limited spots - if more people sign up, more servers will be built, simple as that :)
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  5. md_5 Have you also looked at Java|Pipe? I was talking to the guy, they can offer, for $650/mo (but the guy offered me a discount as soon as I asked him about it)
    A server in either EU or US
    32GB of RAM
    4 x 3.2GHZ i7 processor (don't quote me on this spec, not exactly sure)
    1gbps port, can be expanded to 10gbps for more speed
    A whopping 120gbps of protection, or 7.5m PPS. This server would be ideal for a BungeeCord proxy.
  6. Bestle


    I have NEVER heard of JavaPipe claiming to offer 120Gbps protection - Are you sure?
  7. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    1) Don't know of a motherboard that can handle 4 i7's
    2) 120gbps could take down the half the internet / banks / governments. I doubt JavaPipe could take 120gbps across ALL their servers combined.
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  8. Perhaps I was mistaken then, maybe it was 12gbps?
  9. SuperSpyTX


    If New York opens, I'm interested.
  10. jeff142


    12 sounds far more logical
  11. PhanaticD


    considering im paying 400 a month for 5 gbs protection and none of the fancy graphs and shtuff even work, can I opt in on this and get a another 200 off if i understand right?
  12. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I don't see why not :)
  13. PhanaticD


    okay count me in then
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  14. I'm in for VoidNetwork.
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  15. EatingEmoKids


    We're on board, just looking for the pricing on a E3-1270v2 with 32gb of ram. Also are these self managed servers? If so; would support be able to help with installation of java7 for an additional cost? I've had issues in the past and had to hire some one else to do this.
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  16. Install Java7 on wut?
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Servers will come preinstalled with everything you need for Minecraft.
  18. Staminus is great, when my linux installation got messed up, causing the server to crash they re-installed the OS (fragments of it) without data loss. For anyone who can afford this (and even when you can't), this is the best deal you will find with a great host.

    I'm working on my funds, as I promised I would get back to them. :)
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