InvadedLands' ban system design (LiteBans)

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  1. Before starting this off, I'd like to point out that I did NOT make this plugin, I customized the messages.yml to look like InvadedLands' messages.
    Hello, I didn't know where to post it so I decided to post it here.
    Please read everything marked with [IMPORTANT] as that's how you make it work properly.
    More info below

    What this is
    This is what InvadedLands uses for the messages.
    Requirements to run it [IMPORTANT]

    1) This specific messages.yml was tested only in 1.8.8, I'm not sure if it works in other versions.
    2) For hoverText only: Have the ProtocoLIB plugin.
    3) For hoverText only: You must run Spigot.
    4) Have a permission plugin that supports suffixes, I recommend LuckPerms.

    Installation [IMPORTANT]
    1) Purchase LiteBans.

    2) Replace your messages.yml file with this:
    If you're scared of viruses, I made a pastebin link .
    3) Stop your server.
    4) Hold up, we're not done! If you want it to work, you need to set a group's suffix to it's color. (Example: if my rank looks like that: [Builder] Player you'd set the builder's prefix to &a.)
    5) In the ban message (when a player gets banned) you're gonna have to edit from my server name & my store, to your server name & your store.)
    6) Run the command /litebans reload.
    The exact hoverText that InvadedLands use (I went through skeppy's videos downloaded the video and paused it in the exact frame plz dont leave negative replies).

    Name colors (must be setup by the instructions I gave in the installation.)

    You get the ban message when you get banned.

    Exact messages besides the IP ban as the command is IP ban, so I decided to change permanent blacklisted & temporarily blacklisted to permanently IP-banned & temporarily IP-banned.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Funny to see someone with a username mimicking a server I was the first developer on.

    Interesting that it’s at the point of server owners trying to copy it.
  3. Yeah, it's interesting to see how he's evolved and how his audience has changed. Was never really for me but hey, thats life. Good luck.
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  4. Thanks for sharing the topic
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  5. Hi you know how on bbhs server they have a axe and click on a player and a gui pops up.i need that plugin so if you have ANY info on it or yeah cuz i need to either get in contact with teh staff or just get in contact with someone who knows what plugin it is.I know its custom made but if someone wants to make it or yeah.I know its a big thing so ask but if anyone wants too then please do and send me the download link