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  1. I'm trying to fix this issue for so long time and i still couldn't find a fix except using PaperMC instead of Spigot so please someone tell me how to fix this error, it happens only with 1.9 (Minecraft Java) and higher spigot versions, whenever i wanted to join my server with a modded client it kicks me out of the game and in console i get this error;
    [12:06:03 INFO]: Explosivee lost connection: Invalid payload REGISTER!
    [12:06:03 INFO]: Explosivee left the game

    Why i need to join with modded client? Because i run modded servers and i wanna make a spigot lobby.
  2. Your client is sending it's own payloads related to mods, which Spigot doesn't have, so it just kicks you since your client isn't conforming to the protocol
  3. How do i fix it?
  4. Don’t use mods.

    EDIT: Try deleting mods 1 by 1 and try connecting to the server, once you are able to connect then you know which mod is causing errors.
  5. Dude my Network is literally modded network, i run modpacks, i can not delete mods
  6. Oh, idk then. Spigot doesn’t offer support for modded servers
  7. I am not using mods in spigot server : ) My issue is i can not join `VANILLA SPIGOT` minecraft with modded `clients` which shouldn't be a issue
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    Only real alternative you're going to have is to modify the server and change/remove the limit