Invalid Translation Key error

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm currently getting the following error on console and after a while searching around on forums I can't find a fix or even find out where the errors is coming from.

    Code (Text):
    [Server] ERROR Invalid Translation key for 'gcWorld': can't parse argument number: c
    Could someone explain this error?

  2. Sounds like something related to world corruption, but really I don't have a clue. So here's a bump to you, cheers.
  3. Thanks. Hopefully someone can tell me in more depth what is actually wrong.
  4. Are you using any world management plugins other then WorldGuard/Edit?
  5. You mean things like CoreProtect?

    I am using the two mentioned above too.
  6. No, when I say world management, I don't mean anti grief. Things along the lines of Multiverse or, Multiworld, etc. Also, I'm curious, Is your server primarily english speaking or, does it support another language?
  7. Okay, no just world edit and guard.

    No, no language plugins.
  8. I wonder, maybe I'm off base in this regards, but possibly one of your plugins was written by a non-native english developer and, they coded their plugin to work on english speaking servers using a translation library perhaps? An like you report, the api key is no longer valid. Kind of impossible to know in that case unless you systematically remove each plugin and, see if the error persists. If it's a plugin issue, the plugin would have to be doing something in relation to your worlds. Other wise the error message would be sort of misleading. The plugin could range from handling player teleportations, world management, I suppose even grief protection. I've heard a lot about CoreProtect being broken in various ways, so maybe like you said, that could be the cause. Though, you won't really know until you remove your plugins one by one and, check. Again, these are just guesses.
  9. In what reference is {c} relating to?

    Because I have been doing some tests and it seems if I delete the messages.config file it does not show this error. (testing on personal server)
  10. Okay so with testing and changing things I found the problem. Has nothing to do with world errors or anything (or maybe there is still a behind problem).

    So in the messages.config it said this "=\u00a7aSold for \u00a7c{0} \u00a7a({1} {2} at {c} each)." So all I had to do was change the {c} to {3} and it now works fine. Very weird that it went and wrote it as {c} though.
  11. I'm not too sure.

    So by the looks of things this is plugin related, would you mind sharing which plugin this is in relation to? Hopefully it can either be passed on to the author of the plugin or, indexed by search engines at the least so people can find the solution.
  12. This is essentials.