InventoryFull 1.8 - Not even a chat message

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  1. Hey! Just looking at InventoryFull for 1.8 on my Spigot 1.8.8 server, and the default config's display doesn't match what's going on in-game! It says when you're inventory's full, it'll say that in-game but it doesn't. However, the 1.7 version of it does! I do want Actionbar, Titlemanager and message to all work, but even in the 1.7, only chat worked. Could anyone help me out, please? Thanks!

    Code (Text):
    # InventoryFull version 1.8
    # Created by: extended_clip
    # Valid placeholders:
    # %block% - display the dropped item type
    # %player% - display the players name
    # For valid sounds, visit
    cooldown_time: 5
    max_alerts_until_cooldown: 5
      enabled: true
      sound: NOTE_PLING
      volume: 10
      pitch: 1
      use_chat_message: true
      - '&cYour inventory is full!'
      use_actionbar: false
      display_time: 5
      - '&cYour inventory is full!'
      - '&4Your inventory is full!'
      use_title: false
      title: '&cYou don''t have room in your inventory'
      subtitle: to collect that &f%block%&c!
      fade_in: 12
      fade_out: 12
      duration: 20
      use_actionbar: false
      actionbar_message: '&cYou don''t have room in your inventory'
      use_hologram: false
      - '&cYour inventory'
      - '&cis full!'
      display_time: 3
    EDIT: even an online YAML Parser says it's all correct.
  2. Change:
    use_title: false -> use_title: true

    use_actionbar: false -> true
  3. I did that and it still didn't work. That's the issue I'm trying to figure out. Doesn't work even after it's changed. This is strange.
  4. "If you are having trouble getting the plugin to work, you most likely have a plugin that cancels the block break event before InventoryFull gets a chance to do anything! Do not leave a review saying the plugin doesn't work! I have tested the plugin on every 1.8 version and it works with no problems!
    Instead of leaving a bad review, comment in the discussion thread with your plugins list and I will investigate what plugin is causing the block break event to be cancelled and let you know why it isn't working for you!" - The author of the plugin you're using.
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  5. I was using custom enchantments, but even without them it doesn't seem to display. I have titlemanager and I'll investigate actionannouncer.