Spigot InventoryGem 3.0.1

Providing fun ways for more inventory space!

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    InventoryGem - Providing fun ways for more inventory space!

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  4. Awesome! I always searched for a "Backpack" like plugin. Finally I found something :D.
  5. Glad I could help ya! Working on another one that's more backpack-like and allows you to upgrade it via money or raw materials
  6. @Lidle
    Thats awesome! I am already looking forward to that :D
  7. Hi I just downloaded and installed InventoryGem after reading your reply to my review on the Backpacks plugin. This looks good but I have a few questions before using it officially.

    Firstly I dont want players using them as an enderchest so what steps would I take to stop that being used?

    Secondly if I had a gem (any of them) and I died I assume I lose that gem so what happens if another player takes it? Does it give them access to my inventory or does it make an inventory for them?

    I dont see a huge need for the item frame seeing as its an expensive way to make something close to a chest.

    Is there protection against others using your Gem while in an item frame?

    Would be great if it was possible to stop the gem being dropped on death or maybe the items inside it were dropped but the gem was returned to player after respawn.

    I need something like InventoryGem or Backpacks soon for my server being released so get back to me soon so I can make a decision on what to use.

    Thanks for your time!
  8. Well it is a virtual backpack, so what do you mean by using them as an enderchest exactly? And no, the inventories are specific to player uuids so if you die and they pick up the gem they will have their own personal inventory. The item frame was more so just for a fun addition, it can be enabled/disabled through permission nodes. And no there is no protection against others using your gem while in an item frame only because everyone has their unique inventory.

    I could add a feature like that in the plugin where it will drop all the contents of the inventory but the player would keep the gem.

  9. Well let me explain what I need from a plugin like this. Basically I have looked at Backpacks and InventoryGems but neither do exactly what I need. What I want is a backpack style plugin that allows players to access a backpack by using an item but the extra slots must not be linked to enderchest in any way it has to be just extra slots almost like the player has a mobile chest when they right click the item in hand. Preferably all items in the backpack would drop on death but this could be an option in config. The ability to upgrade backpacks is good also but not essential.

    So thinking about it Backpacks plugin you have is probably fine if items could dropped on death and instead of /backpacks to access it a player can right click a bucket (or something else) while in hand but maybe they have to craft a special bucket for it to work(like inventorygems) that way its not too easy for players to gain one its more something they have to work for. Upgrades need to be configurable so a multiplier in config or admins can set a price for each upgrade separately in config.

    In short add the right click item with a special crafting for that item, make items drop on death and configurable upgrade prices would do it I think.