Invisible block that water can't go through?

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  1. Hey guys. Is there an invisible block that the water can't go through but the player can? I've seen them couple years ago, can't find it on 1.11.2 ;c
  2. Gaxan


    Barrier works for water, but player I dont know. You can use still water, I forget how you actually set it. A lot of portal plugins use it.

    Found it on WIKI
    Block ID Name Numerical ID
    Still Water water 9
    Flowing Water flowing_water 8
    Item ID Name Numerical ID
    Water Bucket water_bucket 326
  3. the water was probably not flowing, there was most likely no block there.
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  4. Nope, It was some kind of an invisible string id that water couldn't brake and players could walk through.
  5. You mean the piston block with special data id?? I think that was removed
  6. I actually remember it it is shaped like a barrier block but tinier and with different color, however, I don't know the name just use signs that is your only choice.