Bungee - Spigot Invisible Gates 1.2

Create invisible gates for your spawn!

  1. RestrictedPower submitted a new resource:

    Invisible Gates - Create invisible gates for your spawn!

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  2. can you make a option for it to not be invisible but to be red glass when you go towards it
  3. That is not a bad idea but when that happens, the pass would be impossible to other players too...
  4. not if you make it only show on the no entry side
  5. Nvm I will do that on the next update
  6. thanks, what it is that when you are pretty far away, its invisible, but when you go close, it spawns a red glass barrier, makes it better :D
  7. Does this function in 1.9?
  8. I'm not sure...
  9. Nice plugin bro!