Spigot Invisible ItemFrames 1.1.0

Super simple plugin that uses 1.16's new feature to make itemframes invisible

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    Invisible ItemFrames - Super simple plugin that uses 1.16's new feature to make itemframes invisible

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  2. SlimeDog


    Feature request/suggestion:
    • I want only some item_frames to be invisible. It would be great to have some options. Possibilities:
      • Place an item_frame: behaves normally. Place an item_frame while sneaking: makes it invisible.
      • Right-click an item_frame while sneaking toggles invisibility (does an invisible item_frame have a hit-box that can be clicked?).
  3. Good suggestions, I'll look into adding them in the coming days. I'll prob add a config for default values (to turn that functionality on/off) at first and possibly add per user settings as well in the future (with a in-game gui ofc ;))
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  4. @SlimeDog I'll be adding a config and other stuff soon, but this should hold you off till then :)
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  5. Perhaps when a config comes out could there be a way to make them visible by default and a shift click makes them invisible. It can be confusing to players who don't know that this is a feature on the server they are playing and it will be helpful to see the item frame first.
  6. Yep that’s on the list to be added already :) config may come a little later than expected cause I’ve been busy but hopefully I can get it out soon.
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  8. SlimeDog


    Thanks. Please don't tag people when you have every reason to believe they are following the thread. There are two primary options:
    • They are interested in the thread (likely, since they commented just yesterday), so they are watching the thread and will be alerted when a comment is added
    • They are no longer interested, in which case they have (probably) unwatched the thread, so would prefer not to be alerted
    In neither case do they need to be tagged.
  9. True lol
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  10. Feature request/suggestion:

    Along with the Update 1.1.0 on behalf of @SlimeDog ...

    If possible, I would recommend adding more options to Item frames such as the following:

    • Setting which key triggers the visibility of an item frame in the configuration file. This key must be held while placing the item frame. The key used to place the item frame must not be an option otherwise it will break and possibly make all item frames invisible.
    • Setting which key trigger the visibility of item frames in the configuration file. So users may choose which key makes placed item frames visible.

    If you have any feedback, comments, or questions about my suggestion above, please @Tag me and I'll respond back.
    Hope to see something alike to this implemented, soon. Good luck!

  11. Not sure I entirely understand your suggestions. Mind giving an example or something?
  12. @ViscousHurricane sorry, forgot to tag like you asked. ^
  13. This plugin looks great and i plan on adding it to my server. you may wanna update your overview page so it describes the shift clicking features and not just "all placed item frames are invisible"

    Id also like to suggest the addition of a command that will toggle all invisible item frames to be visible within a radius in case people forget where they placed them. I would want it to be a player usable command so if you do add it please make it a static radius that can be set in the config