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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Interface, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, today I bought a VPS from inzernettechnologies, So far I am not very pleased with the performance. The support is great though. But I heard buying a dedi is way better, I dont seem to see the difference between them, except the pricing between them.

    These are the current specs of my VPS
    • 5GB DDR3 RAM
    • 32 GB HDD Disk
    • 1 Quad Core Processor @ 2GHz
    • Windows 10 OS
    • VMWare VSphere Remote Access
    • DDoS protection
    I have apache, phpmyadmin, and all that setup, it didnt come with any licensing for anything except Windows 10. So far, I am not very please with there performace. The VM is pretty laggy, and the connection isnt the best. I am just wondering if there is a better VPS host out there, or a decent host to invest a dedi in.
    I am hosting minecraft servers on these. I am looking to host minimum 8 servers with 4gb each, a hub and a bungeecord server. Right now I am pretty broke XD So I am just trying to look into Dedis and VPS's before I really start.

    I dont care for a budget right now, I just wanna look into servers, except below $100/month please
  2. Um 32GB of HDD storage? Wat.... You called the HDD storage RAM, that is not RAM. Windows 10 for servers? You stated the RAM twice and the CPU twice,

    Also, if you can afford a dedi, you aren't broke. I absolutely hate that. I can't afford new school shoes, trust me your not broke.
  3. I *cant* afford a dedi right now..Please read it correctly.
  4. I meant VPS sorry.
  5. My VPS was $3 for the first month, Im pretty sure I cant buy shoes with $3, Please leave if you have no advice
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    Inzernet? Never heard of that one. Anyway, the connection to RDP will be laggy if 1.) the server isn't located near you. 2.) the server is overloaded. Also why on earth are you using a Windows 10 technical preview meant for desktops (that's still in development) on a server for production use? It would be better for you to try out linux (CentOS 6.6 for example), you can run a desktop/vnc if you need to have some form of desktop access to the server.

    If you need Windows with RDP access, try and look for a VPS provider near where you are (within the surrounding states) for the best latency.
  7. Because Windows 10 was what they offered my, or Windows Server 2012 (and 2010) And I thought it would be better to go with a more up to date OS. But the connection is not good at all, it drops quite often. I want to go with a more well known host, that is reliable and not too expensive
  8. Lol. No need to be Disrespectful. I did give advice, 32GB of HDD space is not good at all if running a network. Windows 10 is still in development and I have no idea why they would use that and for $3 your not getting anything even remotely decent.
  9. Windows 10 isn't "up-to-date". It's still an OS in development and not stable yet. It's only for developers and desktop-environments.
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  10. Shoes for $3 ? The shoes I buy, and I don't mean some wacked out rainbow basketball shoes worth $800, usually cost around $50-60.
  11. Internet connection aside, a quad-core 2GHz doesn't sound like a CPU good for minecraft - what is the exact model of it?
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