Spigot IP Address Blocker [BETA] 1.2

Block Letter IP's From Going Through Chat!

  1. would it also block 123(dot)123(dot)123 ?
  2. U can try adding it to the config.. I will try and find a way to fix that...
  3. Could you add a bypass list and a wildcard?

    So like:
    - play
    - play.example.com
    - example.com/*
  4. Awesome plugin!! thanks!
  5. Umm.. I can try my best... Im working on adding numbers to be blocked
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  6. A simple regex filter can block any number address and any common server domain names. Far more efficient than trying to list out a bunch of addresses.

    I looked at the code, and this will create so many false catches that it could prevent players from easily chatting. You want to have the input be using regex and full addresses, to prevent stuff like "play" from triggering the filter. Unless you plan on adding some features that a standard chat filter like PwnFilter or similar doesn't have, this really isn't needed. This plugin is currently just a loop and an if statement pretty much.

    Check out PwnFilter if you want to see some examples of the regex and better filtering, I also have some filters pre-written out in my plugin as well. Feel free to check out the source, although it's a bit outdated.
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  7. Ok.. Idk what ur saying but I'm new to this stuff.. But I'm having a fun time learning and trying my best :) I will take a look..
  8. It's a set of characters with different functions used in a String in combination with java regex methods, such as .replace or .contains. There are tutorials online on how to use it. It's good for finding specified ranges of characters without typing a huge list of all the possibilities.
  9. Ok.. But is my plugin good for a beginner :)
  10. It's a good base to branch off and create something unique and beneficial. One very important tip I will give is to make sure you keep all your code organized, if everything is organized it will be easy to add new features. Just keep experimenting and learning and I'm sure you will come up with something cool.
  11. Thanks... A quick question.. Do u know where I can find a plugin that is like mineplexes lobby selector with player count GUI? Or is it custom :(
  12. I would assume it's custom. If not, they try extremely hard to hide their plugins.
  13. Ok
  14. Just use a regex?
  15. Great plugin, I will be downloading more plugins of yours in the future.
  16. Thanks :)