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  1. Hi.

    So yesterday I updated my BungeeCord version to a newer version, just to stay updated. Although some players can't join now because it kicks them with Ip-Forward reason, although I have set it up correctly on all the server + in the bungeecord config aswell.

    What can I do? I can join my server as normal and there's only about 2-3 players that can't.
  2. in the config of your server u change the player slots ?
  3. I did change it from 150 to 100, but I didn't save the config so no change has been made.
  4. So my players say that when they switched to a non-forge version of minecraft, it let's them join.
  5. May we see your config please?
  6. electronicboy

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    hexacord might offer more sanity in regards to support for stuff like forge clients. Spigot and forge both attempt to use the same mechanism to pass info to the server, which when you use ip forwarding, can break stuff
  7. Ahh okay, I used HexaCord before also, I might just downgrade it a little then :)