IP Forwarding

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  1. When I connect with a port it says to use IP forwarding in the config, It is enabled in the config and the server are all in offline mode and the spigot.yml have bungee set to true. I can't seem to do anything that lets me connect with a port.
    Here is my config, https://pastebin.com/z4jptJ7W
  2. In the spigot.yml make sure "bungeecord" is set to true. All the servers must be in offline mode except for the Bungee.
  3. it is all setup that way
  4. Gaxan


    Show us one of your spigot configs as well as the bukkit config for the same server.
  5. #update you have to setup the forced host like so
    toomanyco.ws: Towny
  6. What server host are you using?
  7. It was simply fixed by changing
    pvp.md-5.net: pvp
    to example.com: Towny
  8. Can you show me your bungee config I'm having the ip forward problem rn.