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  1. Hi, I would like to have the numeric ip of my server hosted by my pc, how can I do it?
  2. Google what’s my ip and then click on the first link, this is your public ip. People outside of your network won’t be able to connect through it if you have an antivirus or firewall active. You also have to port forward the server port on your router. I do not recommend giving to ip to anyone tho cause people can use it to localize you and ddos you. You might wanna use hamachi which works like a lan network.
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    Home hosting a public server is not generally recommended because of the concerns raised by @Maxx_Qc above, not to mention ISP NAT or other filtering but assuming you are aware of the risks and security concerns you need to port forward (25565 if default) to your internal IP address to be accessible from outside your LAN.
  4. No, è un server di manutenzione dove poi trasferirò su un hosting, ma attualmente è solo per un mio amico
  5. This is an English forum
  6. Translated from italian to english: "No, it is just a test server that I will be move on a hosting, but for now It's just for a friend"
  7. Port forward your WiFi to your server's port, then use WhatsMyIP and get your computer's IP, so with that IP you can access to the server
  8. I still wouldn’t recommend giving out your public ip to your friends
  9. It's right, try to use ngrok!
  10. I home hosted a public server for 4 years. Never had a problem.