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  1. Is there a better way to achieve this without having to use another bungeecord server?
    I'm talking about ips like us.domain.com or eu.domain.com, and I need to keep the original user ip so I can make ip bans etc..
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    In spigot.yml, just enable bungeecord, then in your BungeeCord's config.yml enable ip_forwarding.
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  3. BungeeCord behind BungeeCord does not have any advantages, it does not allow ip forwarding and uuid forwarding.
  4. yes it does have advantages, the ping is reduced depending on where you put the second bungeecord and then players can have a better connection that way. but im trying to see if I can have the ip forwarded
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    No. No. No.
    You're idea of how this works is completely off.
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  6. You can achieve that by tunneling the server located in EU to the Bungee server located in the US. Make sure the EU host has a good route to the US host to reduce latency as much as possible.
    However I don't think this is going to help a lot unless you are having an entire separate servers running in different places like those huge servers do.
    The best way I can think of is, host entirely different servers but sync the players using a database. But again, doing excessive queries will lag the overall experience.
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  7. Client -> BungeeCord A -> Spigot -> BungeeCord A -> Client

    Best is putting the BungeeCord on the same host as Spigot for lowest latency.
  8. oh thanks for the right term, I will look into that
  9. Yes, it is ;)
  10. Haha sorry for that off-topic post of mine. Got confused with added posts, regarding ping, instead of the OP.
  11. Ok so for ip tunneling I've tried Rinetd, and it works but the ip went from 50 ms to 200 ms now, and it still hides the original address