Ipforwarding with bungeecord

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by SemCrafter, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. okay i try to set up my own bungeecord server but i have a problem:

    i wanna make it only possible for people to join through the bungeecord server so not like *ipadres*:25566 but when i try to do this the system kinda works but i get the message "If you wish to use ipforwarding, please enable it in your bungeecord config as well!"...
    so this is my setup:
    in the server that gives this message when i try to directly join it i have this:
    in the spigot.yml file i have set bungeecord to true.
    AND in the bungeecord config I HAVE ENABLED IPFORWARDING.
    so it tells me to enable it but its already enabled but i still keep getting that same message.
    How do i fix this???
  2. Did you restart your server and did you set your ip address of the spigot server to
    localhost:<Port> ?
  3. yes my spigot server is just localhost:25566...