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  1. This year I came into ownership of a small PVP server and I've had to teach myself a lot of backend stuff as best as I could. We recently got UUID spoofed. I *think* it's where I inadvertently had my lobby's (my main and default server) IP set to in the server.properties file (which I've now changed to I read in the Spigot setup for Bungee that if proxy and server are on the same machine (we ARE using a dedicated server running Debian 9) that just setting our IPs to is enough. It said that if we were on a shared machine that we should use the iptables firewall. Just to be safe I've tried running this command: iptables -I INPUT ! -s -p tcp --dport 25501:25589 -j DROP using both the address as well as our actual server IP, and both prevent me from logging on to the server. I've read some of @PhanaticD entries in the Spigot forums but I'm still not 100% on everything. Do I need to setup iptables? And if so am I doing something wrong with this command? I tried a couple of scripts but they kept having issues with 'Invalid target name' when it came to the DENY or ALLOW or even with the 'bungee' chain name. I am also looking at getting the BungeeGuard (2 part) plugin to help prevent any future issues, does anyone have any input on the effectiveness or need of that? Thanks so much!!
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    Run these on the system that is running the Spigot (backend) servers.
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    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport SPIGOT_PORT_HERE -s BUNGEE_IP_HERE -j ACCEPT
    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport SPIGOT_PORT_HERE -j DROP
    Replacing the texts with the Spigot server port and the Bungee IP of course. If you're on a shared hosting system ask the host to do it, most should do it, it only takes a few seconds. If their concern is the port being recycled in the future and affecting another client ask them to change the port to something in the 10000-15000 range.

    If you host everything yourself on a single dedicated server then no need to do that. Just run the Spigot servers on (localhost) and only your Bungee server will be able to connect anyways.
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  3. Thank you so much for the feeback @MikeA !! I will keep the iptables info on hand for any shared hosting in the future. We are currently on a dedicated server and I've gone through and made sure all the Spigot servers are using in the server.properties. I just wanted some confirmation that I had it set correctly. Thank you again for the help, I truly appreciate it!!