Bungee - Spigot IPWhitelist 1.7-3

Easy IP whitelisting with spigot support

  1. Try to logging through proxy please
  2. I know, but you supposed to connect from the bungeecord proxy so it allow players connect to forcehost
  3. I don't get it man. What proxy? I am using one of the IPs listed in the bungee config. I assume I am supposed to use one. What do you mean by connect from bungeecoord proxy, explain me this, sorry :D
  4. Code (Text):
     bind_local_address: true
      tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
      query_enabled: false
        pvp.md-5.net: pvp
      max_players: 1
      tab_size: 60
      ping_passthrough: false
    Do you see where it says "host"? that's your bungeecord proxy. Everyone are allowed to connect using the host connection ip, any external connect to your server will block the connection and will show the message to "Please enable ipforward". so players are allowed to connect to your server from that ip.
  5. Hi. I found a user doing an exploit which kicks everyone from the server and gives them an IPWhitelist default message on kick:
    Any idea how this is caused?
  6. NotoriousNemo


    I was recently hacked on 1 of my servers, I added a new server called "NewMap" and thought i did the spigot server settings right but i guess not.
    Here are my findings and hope this helps someone.

    On my NewMap Settings:
    server.properties FILE

    spigot.yml FILE
    bungeecord: true

    Ive had other servers on my bungee for Years and this is the first time ive been hacked on one of them.
    So my guess is that leaving the server-ip blank, was the problem.
    All my other servers have server-ip=

    In my bungee settings.
    my NewMap had same address
    address: localhost:10001
    restricted: true

    online_mode: true

    Ive gone ahead and changed force default server
    force_default_server: true

    Because before it was set to false, so maybe that is added protection.
    Im currently not using this plugin cause I have Ip tables setup, its just leaving that server ip blank is what caused my problem.
    Ill be on the lookout for another week or so to see if hackers can log back in again or not.
  7. Ipwhitelist default message is not "You're not allowed to spam in chat!".
  8. Yeah, my IPWhitelist message is "lost connection: §cTisk Tisk Tisk..."
  9. I have a dedicated so every server has the same IP address, and got hacked today, or yea someone UUID spoofed my account or something, and changed UUID on a online mode server, so im looking for better protection, dont want this to happen again :/
  10. I'm having a similar issue, but I'm using the server IP address and not the subdomain. I am getting an error "you have to sign in through the proxy" even though I am signing in through the proxy. I want to make sure I have the IP set up right... I've used <serverIP :_ port>(no spaces or underscores... I put those in because the text editor keeps replacing my text with a stupid emoji)... am I supposed to use the server IP without the port? Any help is appreciated!
  11. Hello, are you logging from Proxy lP on Bungeecord config?
  12. Hi Eric! I sure am. That's the part I don't get... I've followed the setup instructions carefully and am logging in from the proxy IP (the IP of the bungee server) and still get that error when it logs me in... it's set up to drop everyone off on the Survival server, but it tosses that error every time. I've got "Bungee: true" and "IP Forwarding" all set up where they need to be.
  13. install ipwl to all the servers but not bungee, whitelist the exact bungee IP on all servers, not subdomain or domain, exact IP. That's it. The purpose of this plugin is not to let ppl to connect straight to offline servers, instead you have to connect to online server - bungee and ur online IP and UUID is forwarded to all offline servers. Also, fallback server should be Lobby/hub etc and don't force any other servers, but bungee. That should block all access to your offline servers.
    EDIT: for extra security set World Guard to deop everyone on join and install some kind of login plugin for OPs or/and admins. If your UUID or any of admins UUIDS gets spoofed, they will still have to login, which is a hard thing to do if u don't know password.
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  14. Hi there, I am in need of some help. I have installed the plugin correctly, but everytime I try to connect to the proxy it says "Kicked whilst connecting to hub: You have to join through the proxy."
  15. Why do i always get this? Instead of the kick message. If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!
  16. This all worked fine till today for me.
    18.08 01:09:11 [Server] INFO [IPWhitelist] Player PoorHub is connecting with IP : /
    PoorHub can join no problem..

    18.08 01:11:17 [Server] INFO UUID of player dangerORclose is c9ab3e08-e16f-4241-8931-10df817bc6c1 18.08 01:11:17 [Server] INFO [IPWhitelist] Player dangerORclose is connecting with IP : / 18.08 01:11:17 [Server] INFO Disconnecting protocolsupport.protocol.utils.authlib.GameProfile(uuid: c9ab3e08-e16f-4241-8931-10df817bc6c1, name: dangerORclose, properties: {textures=protocol[email protected]7403c091}) (/ You cant login from this ip address 18.08 01:11:17 [Disconnect] User protocolsupport.protocol.utils.authlib.GameProfile(uuid: c9ab3e08-e16f-4241-8931-10df817bc6c1, name: dangerORclose, properties: {textures=protocol[email protected]7403c091}) (/ has disconnected, reason: You cant login from this ip address

    PoorHub is an alt of me and with that i can join also i am on the same computer with both accounts
  17. If all of our servers are on the same dedi do I use the ip or the ip of the dedi that our domain is forwarded to? (The ip you can use to connect tot he server)
  18. Hey,

    Nice to see such a great plugin and author I had been hacked thrice and then found this plugin. You saved my server Thanks Bro!

    If anyone is on offline mode with bungee all you have to do is install the plugin on your spigot servers and it will automatically configure itself nothing has to be done! Just perfect

  19. great plugin! would it be possible to whitelist a specific user (his ip) to join servers without joining the proxy?
  20. This plugin for some reason work for me