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    So since spigot is growing bigger and bigger, more ppl use the IRC channel.
    But it's spammed with
    == USERNAME_ [[email protected]] has joined #spigot and == USERNAME [[email protected]] has quit [Client Quit]
    I think those messages are unnecessary because you can see if the user is online in the side bar anyway.

    It's the same with minecraft servers, you disable the login and logout messages because else the chat is spammed.

    Please remove that kind of message if possible
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  2. Might want to remove the IPs if they're real.

    And I don't frequent IRC servers much, but isn't it core to have to login and leaves?
  3. TheOnlyRealTGS


    I don't know if they can customize it but it would be great if you could
  4. Get a real client and disable it...
  5. Jigsaw


    As Lax said, you can disable those messages if you use an actual IRC client. Just google "IRC clients for (your OS)" and you will find something. :)
  6. TheOnlyRealTGS


    I was just using the web version, and i don't use it that much :p