Irl voices in Minecraft

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  1. Hey, is there a plugin that lets you add Irl voices into minecraft. By Irl I mean someone talking to someone else. (Needed for an my upcoming RPG server)
  2. Resource pack is the only way
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  3. You'll need a custom resource pack and edit the default sounds to do whatever you want
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  4. Any ideas where I can get one? (Also when is your new coding video coming)
  5. just google how to make one
  6. if you're feeling clever and want to try something that will give you way more flexibility than a resource pack, you could try something like this you can basically set world guard areas and everything with custom music sounds voices, whatever it is that you want to play and you dont have to bloat up the server resource pack size to do it so it will be decent quality and under that resource pack file size limit so it downloads fast and quick for your players
  7. you could wait for 1.12 with the new feature of text reading then use that to communicate with your users. Can't help more then this sorry.
  8. You can have pre set voices but not Discord chatting to another person. That isn't possible. :p
  9. We are currently making an audio system for our server. These audio files will not be added to a resource file since it would take up way too much space, but rather on a server where we host a webapplication that would play the audio. I highly doubt that it would be impossible to create some sort of audio system, and use it almost like Skype, where multiple people can connect and talk to each other. Things you can do in Minecraft are indeed limited, but sometimes you have to step outside of the Minecraft environment a little to achieve certain things
  10. By people talking to each other i meant NPC's and player's with preset Dialogues just like a game.
  11. Ah yes, this is by far possible and demonstrated well on WynnCraft I believe.
  12. If you mean sort of like conversations I was reading into things like this and I think BetonQuests does something to achieve something like this