Iron Golem Farm not working on Spawnchunks if no plaer is online(chunks are loaded)

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  1. Iron Golem Farm not working on Spawnchunks if no plaer is online(chunks are loaded)
    I have the Version : git-Spigot-8a048fe-a022dd2
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  2. Spawn chunks should stay loaded. If you mean non-spawn chunks, you would require a plugin(chunk loader of sorts) to keep the chunks from unloading.
  3. Oh sorry, i mean spawn chunks...
    The Server is running day and night but no sugar cane or wheat are growing....
  4. And you're certain the crops are within the spawn chunks?
  5. Yes the crops are 10 Blocks from Spawn away and the Spawn chunks are 128Blocks or something other...
    I tried it without multiverse but it does not work.
  6. Does it work if you remove all your plugins?
  7. I have 0 Plugins...
    I read in the wiki that plants not grow if no player is online...
    But my ironfarm alos dont work...
  8. Its true AND false that the spawnchunks are always loaded.
    They are if any player is anywhere on the server(also in AFK mode),but if there's noone on the server, the chunks aren't loaden anyway.
    I would leave the PC in standby mode and let an account stay AFK on the server.
    Hope I can help, Blooker
  9. This is not true !
    I have setup a commandblock which every tick add 1 to a scoreboard and leaved the Server..
    After a night the scoreboard displayed 650000 = 9 Hours. And no body was online...
    Past year i also had a Server (Bukkit), where i had a iron golem farm (iron farm) and the farm was always loaded.. (I had two double chests of iron Blocks)...
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    Fairly sure that growth of stuff isn't even considered unless there is a loaded player in the area.
  11. I know it (see post 10), but my iron farm also not work.
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    No in-depth information about the issue=no help.
    Spamming doesn't change that.
    Can you reproduce this on 1.8 craftbukkit or on 1.7?