Spigot IronDoors 1.8

Open/close iron doors and iron trap doors with your hand! Hand Animation! Protection Support!

  1. Thanks for reporting, I fixed this in the latest release!
  2. Hey, could you pls make a hook with WorldGuard and GriefPrevention?
  3. I have actually been researching this over the past few days, I'll update you when I have something.
  4. I love this plugin but right now it breaks some afk fish farms. Is there any way to add a toggle command to this so I can continue to use this plugin and use the afk fish farm?
  5. There seems to be an incompatibility with PlotSquared:
    • I have the permission irondoors.use
    • I do not have build permission on the plot (not trusted nor added to the plot).
    • I right click and IronDoors seems to do a build check (I get a permissions error from PlotSquared in the chat because I can't build; this is OK).
    • But the iron door opens anyway. The sounds are also played.
    Let me know if there's anything else you need to know.

    Server version 3028-Spigot-79d53c2-7eb3564 (MC: 1.16.5)
    IronDoors 1.6

    EDIT: To fix this, you need to modify both your door managers to check if the event is cancelled:
    Code (Text):
    return blockPlaceEvent.canBuild() && !blockPlaceEvent.isCancelled();
    Also, the animation only works once, unless the player is holding an item. This might be a Spigot/MC bug, I'm not sure.
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    That was 8 months ago. Yet another abandoned resource. :cry:
  7. Ranull updated IronDoors with a new update entry:

    Added 1.17 Support, Bug Fixes, Separate Permissions

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  8. Did you want to deny it in certain regions? You could use a plugin to remove permissions to interact with the door in those regions, or deny interaction.

    This should be fixed as I scrapped using the BlockPlaceEvent and now use the PlayerInteractEvent but switch the iron variant for the wooden one. I can't reproduce the animation issue.

    Sorry about inactivity, better late than never. :)
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