Is 19.70TPS optimal?

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm starting up a new server, and I'm curious to see if my server's performance is optimal.
    I'm creating a Factions server with currently 32 plugins installed. The server version is 1.10 - and yes, I have already had a look at the optimizing spigot thread, ahha.
    The plugins go from everything from Essentials to EpicWorldGenerator.
    The server has 4GB ram (just for starting up ofc) but I've seen the TPS drop to 19.70, with only one person online. Is that a huge deal?

    Thanks in advance for taking a look at my question;)
  2. Small update.. with 3 players on, the TPS is still somewhere between 19.90 and 19.70;/
  3. Bad... Activate the timings and check what causes lag or upgrade your CPU
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    What? No... chill. I can agree on the timings part, but that's if you want to micro-optimize and remove plugins causing immense amounts of lag. The maximum TPS is 20, and it is so damn rare to see a server that runs 20TPS on the dot. Typically a good TPS ranges from 19 - 20. You're fine. Don't stress about 1.5% of your TPS being dropped
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  5. But the server only 3 players online... I have 80 players with 19.8
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    Yea... you can't judge a server's performance based on a 3 player sample. If the OP can get 80 players on his server, I'm 90% sure that it will be over 19TPS. 3 people is just too small of a sample to dictate whether the server is inefficient or not. Not to worry about at the moment
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    The calculations for measuring TPS hardly add to the accuracy of the /tps command, especially if your tps command is being overriden by another plugin, and the sleep between ticks is hardly known to be super accurate either too. In fact, you may even find that your TPS increases a bit as a few more players login, that's the joy of dealing with computers and maths.

    anything above ~18 TPS is fine, it's very rare that you'll ever actually see 20 in the command after it's been running long enough to calculate the values properly.

    Plugins like react and clearlagg also tend to hurt performance more than they help if you configure your server properly.
  9. 19.7 Is fine, but why settle for that when you could have 20, 20, 20 the server not being at 20 means the server is under load of something, not the biggest lag but the load is still there.
  10. So what do you suggest I do?;/
  11. Is there anything that you can tell from the timings?
  12. In all honesty your servers fine.
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  13. Assuming you have shared hosting with 4gb of ram you seem to be doing fine :)
  14. As Abeoji said, your server is running fine. It's when the TPS dips below 18 (19 if you're a performance freak), that I'd start to worry. Timings can give you lots of great information on plugin performance, if you know how to understand what it outputs.

    The plugins I'd keep an eye out for are React/MassiveCombat in the future.
  15. maintaining 19.70 is a dream when you have 100+ players.
  16. Alright. Thanks people.