Is 5gb server good for towny

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  1. 5gb is generally gonna be great for most things, in most cases. There are a ton more things that factor into whether or not 5gb will be enough tho. Stuff like, hosting company shenanigans, other hardware, player count, other plugins running, personal optimization, etc, etc.

    You can run a towny server with a few other plugins and 20 players on 2 gigs no problem as long as you've optimized a few things.
  2. How many players are you expecting? How many plugins are you running? It depends.

    5GB should be good enough for most average towny servers.
  3. Based on your title and content, there's no information to go on, I would say: yes, perfect.
  4. Yes, that should be OK. However there are many more factors you need to consider such as is it shared hosting, what is the CPU, does the host oversell etc. These are arguably more important than RAM.
  5. I host a few Towny servers on 3 GBs
  6. I asked the others if it was ok to share some details, they were ok.

    E3, 3GB, SSD, 17 plugins, 51 players average
    i7, 4GB, Nvme SSD, 50 plugins, 73 players average
    2gb, ssd, 34 plugins, 28 players average

    That's what they pasted to me that we are running for a few of the servers that also have towny on it.

    Maybe that helps some ppl here with the question

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