Is anybody having a super high ram usage using 1.17?

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  1. I just updated my servers to 1.17 and they're using all 10gb of their ram each.
    What is going on here, also getting chunk loading errors.
  2. I'm having the same problem here. My server is using 96% of my 6GB of RAM.
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  3. Our server sometimes the first 30 minutes after restart uses 18gb of our 24gb we have but after it went down to 7-9 gb

    Looks like 1.17 together with the Java16 that has x64 Structure uses a lot more ram then the old 1.16.5 with java 11 in its x86 structure.
  4. Ah, if we can get a confirmation of that, it could explain the virtual doubling of the memory requirement?
    Was 32bit with 16bit compression techniques, now 64bit without 32bit compression techniques?
  5. That theory is wrong.
    Java is available since ages in 32bit and 64bit versions.
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  6. Is it?
    16 bit = 1 memory address which contains 16 bits
    32 bit = 1 memory address which contains 32 bits (16bit compression put 2 x 16 bit address' into this memory space).
    64 bit = 1 memory address which contains 64 bits (32bit compression put 2 x 32 bit address' into this memory space, or 16bit compression puts 4 x 16 bit address' into this memory space).

    Can be caused by having to process more memory through a cached memory allocation.
    i.e. not enough memory or/and CPU resources.
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  7. Java is there since long time in 86 and 64 bit.
    It was just a question of tike. Now 64 bit seems to be the default, and many complain about the big ram usage.

    About chunk errors.. inrecomment everyone that uses 1.17 to use the forceUpgrade Arguments minimum once before let your plaers run over your worlds. Well else u might error and OTERs about some cunks.
  8. Look innyour consoles ;)

    And also ingame with default Minecraft wothout other java its deluvered with 16.0.1 x64

    So was just a question of time before Minecraft itself went into 64 bit area with the 32 bit compressing :D

    Well it was the right step of Mojang to do this.
    Welcome in 2021 Mohjang :D
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  9. Looks like I will never have 1.17 server
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  10. Increased ram, yes, super high ram, no.
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  11. Never say never. If you may reduce a bit the plugins and may use no other words you can life with might 3-5 gb for 10 players :)
  12. Can you please stop making dumb theories and do some research before posting? 32bit java did not compress anything to 16bit. Compressed pointers is something 64bit java can do (depending on the used garbage collector) if it does not need to address more than 32 GB of application memory.

    Also the memory consumption does not double for 64bit applications vs 32bit applications. What you think is that the entire memory just contains pointers which is obviously wrong and most of the memory still contaisn actual data.

    To actually compre memory usage, you'll have to trigger the Garbage Collector manually and measure afterwards. Otherwise the results are not comparable.
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  13. Tell him from Windows XP vs Windows 10.. These can be understood by users =)
    Its simple to understand then when you try to tell them something about GC
    Normal user dont even know what a garbage collector is. you need to tell them the "why" in other ways and not in the sniffy dev java description you gave him as answer.

    Run a minecraft on a 32-bit java and on a 64-bit java with same version of minecraft, you will see the 64-Bit version eats more ram. That has been seen since the first windows with 64 bit support allready. But i think a 64 bit windows has become normal today, so may most dont see the difference here anymore.
    Run Windows 10 32-Bit system on a 2 Gigabyte machine... all is fine..
    Run Windows 10 54-Bit system on a 2 gigabyte machine.. you will not be very happy...^^

    A simllar behave we see in Java 32-Bit and Java 64-Bit why?
    because of the compatibillity if offers to the 32 Bit java that comes with the 64-Bit java64 to be able to still run 32 bit applications..
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  14. while 64bit does require more ram, it didnt double thats nonsense. software these days requires more ram because developers are no longer restricted to the 4gb max ram 32bit allowed for. This includes windows 10. Windows 10 is by far not the lightest product in the world. heck after their first few updates it was no longer as advertised "light weight".

    also side thing. I didnt notice really any signification increase in ram usage in 1.17
    i did see a tad bit more but not enough to really significantly warrant doubling up on ram or whatever.

    but eh I digress
  15. I have the problem too, some one have posted the issue on the minecraft bug tracker ? I want to upvote it.
  16. Can't say I've had this issue - But I'm using Paper.
  17. Generally ram consumption will increase based on what is added to the server/client and what the server has to do, but huge increases should never be expected
  18. Some of you peeps seem to have misunderstood what I was saying earlier in this thread.
    Whilst the difference between 32bit and 64bit addressing is basicaly only a case of the address-holder being doubled in bits((addressable quantity), and the resulting address being able to contain 64 bits of data.
    Some code developers are lazy enough to use that 64bit value as a multiplier in choosing the next available address block, instead of actually obtaining the next available address.
    (Anyone remember DeFragmenting their HDD's? This would be a similar thing.)
  19. Try using /timings on (wait a few minutes), /timings paste and you can see what is using the most amount of ram whether its a plugin or not
  20. Completely wrong. /timings does show CPU-intensive parts of the server. NOT RAM.