Is anyone looking for Youtubers?

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  1. Hello! My name is Dinohoot8 (well that's my ign) and I'm wondering if anyone is looking for youtubers for their own server. I can do time lapses, montages (for like minigames), and many more. I'm willing to record on a server, but has to have a good amount of people on.

    My YouTube channel:
  2. We need YouTubers. add me on Skype, Username: joshkugath.
  3. Hey!
    I've needed a YouTuber for a while. I have a bending server (if you've ever seen the show Avatar, it's based off that)

    Add me on Skype if you're interested - archie.irving
  4. I need a youtuber maybe just to do a small live stream on my server or to record a trailer. ;)
    I will PM you! :D
  5. We are looking for youtubers!

    We dont need much more than one review video, and we offer from a free rank for you, to even pay.

    Skype: (ask for it by /mail when in server)
  6. 1. This is NOT a forum with youtubers.
    2. NO youtuber will do a video on your series for a free ranks. That's like giving me a free McDonalds toy and then telling me to buy you a happy meal.
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  7. Maybe you've forgotten that you replied to this thread before...?

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  8. Indeed.
    But I have learned more about Spigot since that post so.... ;)
  9. No domain, nice.

    Another free host/subdomain. Nice.

    (I wouldn't reccomend helping out people who don't have a professional, or even decent server appearance).

    Moving on, if you would like to do a video on a server I work on, you can check out the website at and visit the server directly at Because the server is already a YouTuber owned place, we won't provide you with any payment, but perhaps access to a special rank. PM me if you would like some more details, and it's completely optional, but some free advertising would be nice.
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  10. although I'd come short of calling my server appearance "professional", I'll have to agree with you on that.

    PS, nice signature.
  11. Thanks. By professional I mean at least decently put together.
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  12. Would you need a video of anything perhaps?
  13. I am currently looking for some youtubers, I have one that I'm working with right now (like 160 subs, lol).
    If you would be interested in recording a OP Prison series on my server we could probably work something out.
    edit: I have like no players btw xD
  14. Is anyone else looking for me to do videos/stream on your server? It has to be a good server for me to stream/record on and have something unquie to it.
  15. I am looking for YouTubers. I have a small server network, and am looking for more players. IP:
  16. What's unquie about the server?
  17. I am another staff member at TNTWARS.NET. We would really like you to work with us.
  18. My server has SkyBlock, Factions, and SkyWars, each with unique custom plugins for players to enjoy. You can check them out at
  19. I contacted Josh and he said he would get back to me and hasn't yet.
  20. For now..

    Server / gamemodes - WORKING!

    Creative - 1025 x 1025 plots - unlimited worldedit ( no voting needed ) - Gadgets - Gadget ammo - nickname - chat color - access to pretty much everything :p that a donator would have.

    Servers / gamemodes - coming soon!

    Survival - ( lots of custom plugins that i have not released yet. ) - Skills - Quests - Custom items and mobs - custom crates ( we made ) lots more.

    Factions - 25k x 25k world - Lots of unique kits.

    Minigames - Skywars - Skyblock - TNTrun - Spleef - Paintball - Capture the flag - destroy the core - lots more.

    Minecraft Server IP Address version 1.10.2

    IP :
    Website :
    Teamspeak :
    Store :
    Youtube :

    Minecraft Username : bradiscool41
    Server status - Owner / Developer

    Commonly known as - Coracraft Network
    My name - brad. or bradley.