Is contabo a good host? (APR 2021)

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  1. It depends on what you want to do, really. I have used their VPS service and it's been pretty good. Hard if not impossible to find a better VPS considering the amount of RAM you get for the price. Are you looking at VPSes or Dedicated servers?
  2. for a vps
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  3. Short answer: yes
  4. For small projects, or servers for your friends? Sure, Contabo can be a great cloud provider at a cost-effective price point.

    Once your Minecraft server or network starts to scale up, however, you're going to want something more reliable and with better hardware - Contabo isn't known to have the fastest components and a major downside will be the lack of actual "DDoS protection", requiring you to use a third-party mitigation service such as TCPShield which will add unnecessary latency/ping for your players.
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  5. This ^
  6. I personally use Contabo 60GB RAM VPS and so far, No problems :D
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  7. woah nice :D
  8. Never heard of them. And with the lack of info in your first post I have no idea what you want.

    You need a cluster of 500+ servers in a network for 100,000 players? or just you and your buddy in 1 chunk fishing? ..

    So since this info is missing in the first post, i will just reply: never heard of them; avoid hosts you dont know.
  9. They are a very established hosts you really should know about
  10. I stand corrected. I didn't recognize the name, I went to their site and I remember who they are. I don't know why they didn't ring a bell.

    I don't know how well they would do for Minecraft hosting, I've never had to help someone where I realised it was with contabo, nor did we ever have any hosting with them ourselves.
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  11. They can be good but it's hit-and-miss with a VPS considering shared resources
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  12. Their VPS don't have the best hardware so if you're already a large scaled server looking to move i wouldn't recommend them, if this is the case i would suggest going with OVH/SoYouStart dedicated servers, they are very reliable and have good hardware (just don't buy the game dedi, go for essentials).

    With their dedicated servers, install Ubuntu 20.4 and grab a copy of Pteradactyl web panel for your minecraft hosting, it's very easy to set up and allows you to control all your servers through a web page instead of through SSH :)
    I "rent" a dedi from SoYouStart which is still OVH but they have affordable dedi servers, i believe mine is costing about £45 a month with 32GB of RAM, 2x 240GB NVMe SSD's, Xeon E5-1630v3 CPU, it also comes with DDoS protection and you get up to 16 IP's for free :)
  13. I checked OVH's reviews on trustpilot and it has so many bad reviews even before one of their datacenter caught on fire.
  14. Yeah their customer service isn't outstanding, but their servers are super affordable and with high specs :)
    In fairness to them, the fires weren't cause by anyone specifically, not even OVH, the fire in Paris started in the building where Rust hosted their Paris nodes
  15. Their reviews don't really represent them as a company, and I find TrustPilot to be quite biased (customers are more likely to leave reviews after a negative event has occurred rather than of their own volition as OVH don't ask for reviews on TrustPilot).

    OVH/SoYouStart is a great company and would definitely be one to consider. As a server owner, your datacentre burning down shouldn't be considered a threat if you're taking regular backups and have appropriate disaster recovery measures in place.

    Just thought I'd say, if you want a Contabo alternative with better hardware (and dedicated resources), take a look at Netcup which I believe is a cloud provider in a similar region of Germany. Their "root server" range are at a similar price point to Contabo while maintaining dedicated resources and better DDoS protection (albeit ineffective against lots of attacks from my testing). Not the best for Minecraft servers however as they run on AMD EPYC processors with relatively poor single-thread performance.
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  16. contabo ist not the best provider ;( and you will miss the DDOS Protection
  17. Certainly the best VPS for the price. Also you need to be very unlucky to actually need DDoS protection.
  18. I have Contabo, I have been on it for 2 weeks and with 15 players the server begins to lose TPS, it reaches 15 and it cannot be played, I paid € 280 and it is a scam, yes, the customer service is fast.
  19. That could be said for any provider. It really depends upon your server management as well as the resources provided.

    I have used Contabo in the past (some 5 years ago maybe). And I would try them again!
    For my needs the hardware resources certainly surpassed any general hosting service available.
    There are ways to use a third party to intercept a DDOS threat. As you are simply provided with a server IP address.
    How you link/firewall your users to that IP address is your responsibility.